Two Week South Ionian Yacht Charter Itinerary #2

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This Yacht Charter Itinerary lets you sail Ionian islands in the southern sailing area and explore some of the Greek Ionian villages on the western coast. Perfect for a two week yacht charter holiday in Greece you can sail to the beautiful islands of Ithaca, Kefalonia, Meganissi, Kastos and Kalamos from the Island Sailing yacht charter base in Lefkas Marina. 



Nautical Miles

Lefkas Marina Paleros, Mainland Coast Nm
Paleros Port Atheni, Meganisi Nm
Port Atheni Mytikas, Mainland Coast Nm
Mytikas Kastos Nm
Kastos Kioni, Ithaca Nm
Kioni Ay Eufemia, Kefalonia Nm
Ay Eufemia Fiskardo, Kefalonia Nm
Fiskardo Vassiliki, Lefkas Nm
Vassiliki Sivota Bay, Lefkas Nm
Sivota Bay, Lefkas Vathi, Ithaca Nm
Vathi, Ithaca Port Leone, Kalamos Nm
Port Leone Vathi, Meganissi Nm
Vathi, Meganissi Spartohori, Meganissi Nm
Spartohori Lekas Town (Marina) Nm
Island Sailing
Home to Island Sailing’s first yacht charter base in Greece in the modern marina on the beautiful Greek Ionian island of Lefkas (also known as Levkas or Lefkada) is the only island in Greece...
Island Sailing
Paleros or Palairos (or Zaverda) is a picturesque small harbour town on the west coast of mainland Greece with a breathtaking backdrop of beautiful buildings and serene vistas. Olive trees, vineyards...
Port Atheni on the NE of Meganissi (or Meganisi) is a large quiet beautiful bay surrounded by olive trees. Despite being a popular bay for visiting yachts to drop anchor, particularly during the day...
Mitika or Mytikas is another traditional and simple Greek farming town which has only very recently developed into a small ferry port and yacht harbour for the islands in the Ionian inland sea. The...
Island Sailing
Quiet and tranquil the beautiful southern Ionian island of Kastos has a very small population and only one village. A really beautiful setting with excellent swimming and snorkeling it is fast...
Island Sailing
The dramatic horseshoe bay and village of Kioni is one of the most beautiful places to visit whilst on a yacht charter holiday in the Greek Ionian. The entrance to Kioni bay is overlooked by three...
Ag Eufemia, Kefalonia
Ay Eufemia (Aghia Efimia or Agios Euphemia ) is one of the most beautiful seaside villages in Kefalonia and was once the main ferry port on Kefalonia island but after the earthquake in 1953 the town...
Island Sailing
Fiskardo (or Fiscardho or Fiskardho!) is a bustling, crescent shaped harbour with brightly painted houses, harbour side cafes and restaurants. Located on the northern tip of Kefalonia, Fiskardo is a... Vassiliki, Lefkada
To the southwest of Lefkada, the beautiful port town of Vassiliki deep in the large bay has maintained its authentic atmosphere, which blends well with the vibrance of the quayside bars, restaurants...
yacht charter guide, sivota bay
Sivota Bay (or Syvota Bay), on the southeastern corner of Lefkas island, is a sheltered, very pretty anchorage in a large natural horseshoe bay with a wide choice of tavernas and little gift shops...
Vathy, Ithaca Island Sailing
Vathi on the Greek island of Ithaca (or Ithaki) is one of the larger Ionian island towns and more cosmopolitan than some, a picture of classical Greece with tavernas and cafes spilling out onto the...
Port Leone, Ionian
Port Leone (to use it's Venetian name) or Kefali in Greek is a large bay on the south side of Kalamos island and a ‘must visit place’ if you are in the area on your yacht charter...
Karangio Vathy Meganissi
Vathi (or Port Vathy) is a small port on the North east coast of Meganissi island (or Meganisi) and lies just east of Spartahori. Vathy is a real Ionian jewel, tranquil and beautiful with a really...
Island Sailing
Spartohori is a beautiful village on the Greek Ionian island of Meganisi (or Meganissi). Perched high above Spilia Bay (or Porto Spiglia) the village of Spartahori is reached by a 10 minute walk up...
yacht charter guide lefkas
Opposite Nidri town in Lefkas Tranquil bay is a popular place for yachts to moor and, as its name suggests, even in the busier summer months, has a truly tranquil ambience surrounded by olive trees...
Island Sailing Lefkada yacht charter
Also known as Lefkada, Lefkas Town is the capital of the island of Lefkas situated on the northeast coast where the island is joined to the mainland by a causeway and 50 metre swing bridge. Lefkas...

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