Vathi, Ithaca

Vathi Ithaca
38° 21' 54.2124" N, 20° 43' 8.022" E
Vathy, Ithaca Island Sailing

Vathi on the Greek island of Ithaca (or Ithaki) is one of the larger Ionian island towns and more cosmopolitan than some, a picture of classical Greece with tavernas and cafes spilling out onto the town square lining the harbour's edge. A beautiful white washed little church at the entrance to the harbour welcomes you this fantastic Ionian town. 

Vathi (or Vathy) is one of the South Ionian’s major ports where you can obtain all the yacht charter supplies you may need with shops, a few banks and a whole host of tavernas and cafés, Niko's taverna behind the main square and Poseidon cafe are a couple of favourites. A great place to sit and drink coffee in a genuine Greek community with some nice jewellery and craft shops and gorgeous bakeries.  Vathi is also one of the best places to leave your sailing yacht and hire a car or bike to explore the magical island of Ithaka from ashore.