Honeymoon Bareboat Yacht Charter

For your honeymoon in the Greek Islands a bareboat yacht charter is ideal if one, or both of you have previous sailing experience. Sail away on the honeymoon of your dreams on your own yacht exploring the Greek Islands at your own pace.

Yacht charter honeymoons are affordable and comparable to a land-based resort holiday, but with a new bay or beach every day, always a waterfront table or magnificent view, no crowds or queues, and you only unpack once! Each of the Greek Islands are unique, some offer peace and tranquility others are more cosmopolitan and vibrant. Whether you want absolute privacy gazing at the stars moored in one of the many bays or prefer a romantic meal with fantastic food, regional wines and summer cocktails the Ionian islands offer something for every couple.

Would you like a skipper onboard? Find out more about a Skippered Honeymoon Yacht Charter

The Ionian Islands of Greece

The Ionian Islands are to the west of mainland Greece and are home to one of the Mediterranean’s most popular yacht charter sailing destinations. The Ionian has a wonderful Mediterranean climate with beautiful warm summers.

The Ionian islands include Kefalonia, Lefkas, Ithaca, Meganissi, Corfu and Paxos as well as the Greek mainland with its own array of beautiful villages, harbours and bays. All the Greek islands have their own unique and colourful character - visit them on a beautiful yacht for the ultimate honeymoon getaway!

The close proximity of the Ionian islands means that land is always in your sights with many bays and coves dotted around the beautiful coastline to explore during the day before you moor up or drop anchor for the evening. The waters in the Ionian sea are renowned for being extremely safe and calm, and whilst you can enjoy some fantastic sailing the experience will also be relaxing and tranquil.

The Yachts

The yachts are stylish, modern and spacious. With Mediterranean bathing platforms and large cockpits they are perfect for soaking up the sun, swimming in the crystal clear waters and relaxing in style. The yachts are perfect for those seeking smooth sailing with an emphasis on comfort and elegance. Cabins include en-suite facilities and are spacious with generous headroom.


Yacht charter honeymoons are affordable and comparable to a land-based resort holiday. The price of a bareboat charter honeymoon depends on the size of yacht you choose and when you want to sail.

Shore & Sail Honeymoons

Experience the best of both worlds! Spend your honeymoon sailing around the Ionian islands on a yacht and a week relaxing in a beautiful Ionian villa or hotel. Combine a week sailing with a week ashore. Island Sailing can recommend a villa or beautiful hotel.

Additional Honeymoon Services

Our friendly and professional team can assist with any special arrangements or plans you may have and ensure that you have the honeymoon of your dreams. We can arrange the details so you can relax and focus on beginning your new life together.

Additional services include advice and assistance in the arrangements of:

  • Land based accommodation including luxury hotels, designer boutiques and beautiful villas for those looking for a mixed shore based and sailing honeymoon
  • Arrangement of special provisions for dining onboard including luxury hampers, fine wines and spirits
  • Extra special evening meals ashore including reservations at the best restaurants and tavernas
  • Additional activities including scuba diving, water skiing, kite surfing, cycling, walking, yoga and holistic therapies
  • Health and beauty/spa treatments
  • A full-time hostess in addition to a full time skipper to provision for the yacht and prepare meals onboard


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