Sami, Kefalonia

Sami Kefalonia
38° 15' 10.8972" N, 20° 38' 53.0664" E
Island Sailing

South of Agios Euphemia on Kefalonia is Sami. Sami used to be the capital town of the island of Kefalonia and is more commercial than other places, it is the second busiest port on Kefalonia serving ferries to Corfu, Ithaki (Ithaca), Patras and Italy. Sami has a long waterfront, lined with shaded restaurants and tavernas serving the locally caught fish of the day. A working town, Sami is also relatively cosmopolitan compared to other ports in the Greek Ionian with banks, shops, tavernas and bars as well as local lace shops.

Why not visit the beautiful Melissani Cave, located northwest of Sami, named as one of the ‘spectacular sights’ of Kefalonia and only 7€ entry. The best time to visit is just before noon, so that when the sun shines down on the cave roof, the whole of the underground lake will light up with the beautiful aquamarine light that creates a magical illusion. You can reach the Melissani Cave within a short taxi ride, you can also reach the cave from Ay Eufemia (around 5km away) if you decide to stop there.

Sami was also the site where the film 'Captain Corelli’s Mandolin' was filmed, which showed the true beauty of the island to the world. Despite it’s newfound fame, Sami still manages to preserve it’s old-style charm and authentic beauty.