Nidri, Lefkas

Nidri Lefkas
38° 42' 23.6736" N, 20° 42' 39.5748" E
Island Sailing

Nidri is the busiest and biggest holiday resort town on Lefkas island, and perhaps even the whole southern Ionian, bustling with day trip ferry boats, traditional fishing boats and visiting sailing yachts. There is a wide choice of café bars, tavernas, bars and shops, yet it is still quite laid back.

If it’s a unique experience you are after, there is an alternative and bohemian family-run ‘no menu’ restaurant, which is vegetarian (with fish), called Ta Kalamia.  Their motto is simple - buy and serve fresh produce depending on the season, local stock and supplies. This tasty and delicious feast enables you to try a selection of different foods and be surprisingly amazed, whilst choosing your budget for the night. It’s unique, alternative and maybe something different to try.

Due to its size Nidri can become very crowded and occasionally noisy. If you need to do any shopping, visit a bank or maybe just fancy a night out then Nidri is the place for you. If you don’t like the look of the harbour wall for mooring then you can always anchor off in nearby Tranquil bay and then use your dinghy to come ashore.