Kalamos, Southern Ionian

38° 36' 29.8296" N, 20° 52' 30.1908" E

The peaceful Ionian island of Kalamos has a serene anchorage at the uninhabited village of Port Leone where the silence is broken only by goat bells from the hillside and the lapping of the water on the hull. Venture ashore to explore the fascinating remains of the old village. Kalamos town has a few Greek tavernas and a mini-market for provisioning.

This island is one of the quieter places to visit whilst on your yacht charter holiday in the Southern Ionian, and possibly one of the highest you’ll go to. The peak of the island is 750m above sea level making it easy to spot next to its neighbour Kastos, which is nearly all flat.

Kalamos is also a great place for dolphins! Bottlenose dolphins and Common dolphins regularly spend their time around these shores, an even larger bottlenose dolphin community can be found at nearby Amvrakikos gulf. Despite their name Common dolphins are not that common at all in this part of the world. Kalamos has been identified as an area of high conservation importance for these dolphins.