Gaios, Paxos

Gaios Paxos
39° 12' 6.6492" N, 20° 11' 13.866" E
Island Sailing

Gaios is the largest of the three main villages on Paxos. Gaios, the 'capital' of the island has its own unique mixture of Venetian and British heritage with colourful buildings that line the water front.

Life in Gaios focuses on the pretty harbour which is extremely popular in high season. Here on the quayside, you will find an animated yet highly sophisticated aura whilst you watch life go by with a refreshing cocktail or local beer. The tiny and fascinating town has super variety of tavernas, chic boutiques and old-fashioned with a Greek atmosphere all of its own. Hidden behind the brightly coloured town houses is where you will find the best of Greek cuisine, from sizzling meats cooking in the window to beds of fresh sea food including the catch of the day.

Whatever you decide to do in Gaios, you will not be disappointed by its vibrant beauty and traditional Greek charm.