Erikousa Corfu
39° 52' 54.7248" N, 19° 35' 59.2116" E

Erikousa (or Erikoussa, Erikusa, Ereikoussa) is one of a group of three small islands off the coast of Corfu called The Diapontian Islands which translates to The Faraway Islands  (the other two are Othoni and Mathraki). Nisos Erikousa is rich in green forests, filled with cypress, and olive trees with a small local population who enjoy a quiet, tranquil way of life. Anchor at Erikoussa island for its crystal clear waters, the endless sandy beach of Faro or Fiki and for a haven of peace and afterwards maybe sail along the remarkable cliffs of Sidari.

The Faraway Islands of the Ionian offer some great sailing, beautiful sandy beaches and transparent water.

The Diapontian Islands (which translates to The Faraway Islands) to the north west of Corfu are only 8 - 10 miles apart. The group of islands are Erikoussa, Othoni and Mathraki.