Cleopatra Marina, Preveza

38° 56' 50.9784" N, 20° 45' 44.7192" E
Island Sailing

Cleopatra Marina lies across the Ionian town of Preveza in the Amvrakikos Gulf. The new marina has a maximum capacity of 136 but however Cleopatra Marina can offer space for more Ionian yacht charter sailing boats. Cleopatra marina is only 10 minutes away from the airport at Preveza (also known as Aktion) and can be used by those on their yacht charter sailing holiday as an alternative to Preveza. Whilst the marina is fairly new it has few services and facilities with one taverna and café bar.

A number of archeological monuments and churches can be found in the nearby area of Amvrakikos (or Amvrakia) and Amvrakikos is designated as Wetland of International Importance. The Ionian fortress town of Vonitsa would be a good option to sail to in order to explore the Gulf more.