Atoko Island, Southern Ionian

Atoko Island
38° 28' 56.7048" N, 20° 49' 17.0724" E
Island Sailing

Atoko island (or Atokos island), sitting virtually in the centre of the southern Ionian inland sea is a popular stop between Kastos or Kalamos and Ithaca. With two popular anchorages for lunch time stops and swimming - Cliff Bay and One House Bay. Atoko is a privately owned uninhabited island and the only human structure is a church at One House Bay which is clearly visible from the beach.

The water surrounding Atoko island is tranquil, turquoise and crystal clear - perfect for snorkeling and the land is covered in dense green vegetation. Serenely beautiful Atokos island is a perfect spot for whiling away a sunny afternoon but its not a place to anchor overnight.