Antipaxos North Ionian
39° 9' 2.412" N, 20° 14' 28.914" E
Yacht Charter Anti-Paxos Island Sailing

Antipaxos is a tiny and extremely beautiful island located about 1.5 NM to the South of Paxos, in the northern Ionian and part of the prefecture of Corfu. As the island is uninhabited for most of the year, the people who visit Antipaxos are usually daytrippers from Paxos and Corfu. Anti Paxos has a similar charm to its big brother Paxos, however, less in the way of facilities. There are no harbours but various good bays to anchor. The beaches are stunning and the aquamarine waters of Anti Paxos’ north eastern coast is crystal clear.

Whilst exploring the north Ionian waters on your yacht charter holiday in Greece a sail to Antipaxos is well worth it for the fantastic crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches that surround it. Perfect for swimming and snorkeling you can see a huge variety of colorful fish, aquatic plants, underwater rock arches, and spectacular caverns with entrances that barely clear the sea surface.