Anti-Sami, Kefalonia

Paralia Antismos
38° 15' 41.6016" N, 20° 40' 33.798" E
Island Sailing

The extraordinary scenic horseshoe bay is tucked just around the coast from Sami. The Blue Flag beach of Anti-Samos (Anti Sami) is a beautiful and attractive pebble beach and turquoise waters, surrounded by impressive lush green hills. The outstanding natural beauty is absolutely breathtaking!

The beach at Anti-Sami was used as the Italian encampment in the film of Captain Corelli's Mandolin. There is a lovely taverna on the beach which is open in the daytime and, by request will open for our Island Sailing flotillas in the evenings, making it a really special, tranquil place away from the crowds.

The crystal clear waters and small reef offer some of the best snorkelling in the whole of the Ionian, some say more akin to the Caribbean than the Mediterranean!