Abeliki Bay and Kapali Bay

Abeliki and Kapali Bays Meganissi
38° 40' 15.4416" N, 20° 47' 34.9512" E
Island Sailing

Between Vathi and Port Atheni on Meganisi there are two large beautiful bays with coves dotted around the edges. For serenity and relaxation on your yacht charter in Greece they are ideal places to stop. Both these bays, Abeliki Bay and Kapali Bay offer the ideal location for a peaceful night on board your sailing yacht and even a romantic night gazing at the stars. You can also take a walk to Vathi from Abelike bay (about 25 minutes).

Alternatively you can anchor in one of the many beautiful inlets for a lunchtime swim or snorkel before heading to one of Meganissi’s nearby ports for the evening. Masks and snorkels are available on your Island Sailing yacht charter and the amazing bathing platforms on the brand new Island Sailing Bavaria cruiser yachts are just perfect for swimming and sunbathing in the beautiful Ionian.