Othoni, The Faraway Islands

Othoni, The Faraway Islands
Diapondia Islands
Ionian Sea
39° 50' 23.8776" N, 19° 24' 20.2752" E

The island of Othoni is located just over 10 miles off the northwest coast of Corfu and is one of the three small islets that are collectively the Diapontia Islands (or Faraway Islands). Administratively part of Corfu Othoni is the most western part of the whole of Greece and only 43 miles off the cape of Otranto, Italy.

Othoni is a stunning mountainous island abundant with olive trees, beautiful beaches and 13 small villages dispersed throughout the island that has hardly been touched by tourism.

The island has crystal clear waters great for snorkeling, sandy beaches and exotic caves, most of which can only be reached by boat. The largest of the 3 Diapondia islands, Othponi is possibly one of the most beautiful you can sail to whilst on yacht charter in the Ionian.

The Diapondia Islands (which translates to The Faraway Islands) to the north west of Corfu are only 8 - 10 miles apart. The group of islands are Erikoussa, Othoni and Mathraki.