Mathraki, The Faraway Islands

Mathraki, The Faraway Islands
Diapondian Islands
Ionian Sea
39° 46' 50.4228" N, 19° 31' 9.8436" E

The smallest and most northerly of the group of three Diapondian Islands, Mathraki offers peace and tranquility on your Ionian yacht charter holiday.

The ‘Faraway Island’ of Mathraki isvery picturesque and has a magnificent coastline which forms bays, two of the largest are Ammos and Apidies, with little taverns awaiting visiting sailors every summer. The small harbor in Mathraki is a real haven offering good shelter whilst on your Ionian yacht charter holiday.

The Diapontia Islands (which translates to The Faraway Islands) to the north west of Corfu are only 8 - 10 miles apart. The group of islands are Erikoussa, Othoni and Mathraki.