The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are regarded as the ultimate sailing destination in the Caribbean and among the best in the world. Sub-tropical all year round warm weather, consistent trade winds, plentiful sheltered anchorages and line of sight navigation make it a sailor's paradise.

They consist of the main islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke, along with over fifty other smaller islands and secluded cays to explore. Approximately fifteen of the islands are inhabited. The islands are colourful, dotted with picturesque villages and harbours and you'll find an abundance of spectacular anchorages and hidden rocky coves to discover and enjoy as well as idyllically located and well equipped marinas.

Delectable cuisine, relaxed beachside café bars and restaurants, white soft-sand beaches make the BVI’s a heavenly Caribbean destination. Some of the best aquatic life and sunken treasures make the BVI’s one of the most popular diving destinations in the world.

The British Virgin Islands culture is relaxed, colourful and varied with a rich blend of British and West Indian influences. A British Virgin Islands yacht charter guarantees an exceptional mix of Caribbean charm and natural beauty.

Finding your way around the British Virgin Islands

The close proximity of the islands to each other means that line of sight navigation between them is perfectly possible, however there are some shallow reefs which will take some care in navigating.

What's it like to sail in the British Virgin Islands?

The consistent winds and short distances between the islands are what makes The BVI's an excellent sailing area which can be enjoyed by experienced and relatively inexperienced sailors alike.


Your British Virgin Island yacht charter begins and ends on Tortola, the capital and largest island in the BVI's. With laid back bars and restaurants and sheltered yacht harbours and bays it’s a beautiful destination full of life and charm with water sports galore and beautiful white-sand beaches surrounding and lush green mountains. Tortola has a rich history where the past of the West Indies meets the present of the BVI.

Virgin Gorda

Home to the exclusive elegance of the ‘Bitter End Yacht Club’ which is only accessible by water, Virgin Gorda is home to movie stars and billionaires but manages to maintain its ramshackle charm. The stunning beaches and other-worldly, granite megaliths at the Baths are as breath-taking as any landscapes you will see in the Caribbean.

Cooper Island

One of the little gems of the BVI’s, Cooper Island has superb snorkelling around its sheltered anchorage and a pristine, white sandy beach. Walk along the rocky shorelines and sand dunes or alternatively the eco-friendly beach club has shade umbrellas to relax under with cocktails and beach games to entertain you.

Salt Island

Salt Island is a very small, very beautiful, virtually uninhabited island with tons of history. The population of the island hasn't been more than three people since at least 1980. They pay an annual rent to the Queen of the United Kingdom, delivered to the Governor, of a one-pound bag of salt.

Peter Island

With five secluded beaches, romantic, laid-back Peter Island is actually a private resort island but visitors can anchor up in Deadman’s bay and use its luxury spa and relax among the rock pools or kayak around the gorgeous coastline and then eat fresh fish at one of the excellent restaurants.

Norman Island

Norman Island is reputed to be the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson when writing his pirate novel Treasure Island and it’s easy to see why he was inspired.  The island offers one of the safest and most scenic harbours in the British Virgin Islands and is just across the sheltered ‘Sir Francis Drake Channel’from Tortola.

Jost Van Dyke

The ‘Soggy Dollar’ bar in Jost Van Dyke is world famous as summer revellers swim ashore and pay for their ‘painkiller’ cocktails with their sodden notes. The island itself is well known in the area for its rugged scenery and colourful folklore having been named after a 17th century Dutch pirate and to this day it remains a barefoot paradise maintaining the original island culture of the Caribbean.

The Dogs

The Dogs is a group of small islets situated between Tortolla and Virgin Gorda. The islands were named by sailors because of the barking noises made by, now extinct, Caribbean Monk Seals. The islands are in a national park and bird sanctuary so wildlife is abundant and they are considered one of the best areas in the BVIs for snorkelling and diving.


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