Sailing Weather Forecast Athens Cyclades and Saronics

Athens Sailing Weather

Cyclades and Saronics

The Greek islands in the Aegean enjoy a Mediterranean climate with long, warm summers where the sun shines for over 3000 hours a year!

Fantastic summer sailing holiday weather can be enjoyed from May until the end of September when you can expect long, sunny days with very little rain at all.

During the summer months the weather throughout the Greek islands is consistently warm both day and night. During spring and autumn it is still warm during the day, but can be a little cooler at night but always pleasant. Seasonal winds keep air fresh and make the islands in the Aegean great for sailing.

Weather Summary Athens

Average seasonal conditions in the Cyclades and Saronics:

  • North Westerly prevailing winds

  • Mornings, around Beaufort 2-3

  • Afternoons building to around Beaufort 4-5-6

  • Average temperture during the seasonal 30°C



Average Temperatures in Cyclades and Saronics

Average temperatures rise from 18°C at the start of May to 28°C in July and can hit the mid-30°C in July and August at the height of summer. The consistent winds bring fresh airs.

Month °C °F
April 16 61
May 21 70
June 24 77
July 28 82
August 28 82
September 24 76
October 19 67


Sunrise and Sunset times

The sunrise and sunset times below for each month of the sailing season are the averages for each month in local time.

Month Sunrise Sunset
April 06:50 20:00
May 06:15 20:28
June 06:02 20.49
July 06:14 20.47
August 06:40 20.18
September 07:06 19.33
October 07.33 18.47

Average Cyclades and Saronics Seawater Temperatures

The temperatures are seawater surface averages for the inshore waters around the Ionian islands in bays, coves and shallow anchorages. Ionian sea temperatures hit 20°C in May and are still around 22°C in October.

Month °C °F
April 16 61
May 18 64
June 22 72
July 24 75
August 25 77
September 23 73
October 22 72

Cyclades and Saronics Sailing Conditions

The Saronic Gulf, Argolic Gulf and eastern coast of the Peloponnese is a protected cruising area with consistent winds, averaging Force 4-5 in the summer. Some of the area is affected by the Meltemi wind and in the evenings there can be katabatic winds off the high mountains of the Peloponnese although these are usually isolated and only last for a few hours before dying down.

Stronger Meltemi winds from the north in the height of summer, more open seas and greater distances between islands means that to sail in the Cyclades requires a skipper with experience. Whilst winds average Beaufort 4-5 they can rise to a 7-9 in high summer, especially July and August.

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