Trogir Marina

ACI Trogir Marina
43° 30' 49.8384" N, 16° 14' 53.4804" E

The modern marina base at Trogir is at the very heart of central Dalmatia. Ideally located just 15 minutes’ transfer from Split airport it's a perfect starting point for exploring the stunning Adriatic coast. The heart of the historic city of Trogir, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is on a small island with stunning Venetian architecture. 

The marinas at Trogir offer an exceptionally central position in terms of Adriatic from a nautical perspective. Its proximity of the airport (3 km) and the connection to the motorway (15 km), the beautiful town, as well as the interesting and diverse maritime area of Central Dalmatia, there is no doubt that Trogir is truly is an ideal location to start a yacht charter adventure.

The marinas at Trogir have everything you would expect of a modern, professional full service marina including power, water, cafe-bar, restaurant, nearby shops supermarkets, Wi-Fi, ATM, laundry and so on.