Vrboska, Hvar

Vrboska Hvar
43° 10' 44.4576" N, 16° 40' 31.2312" E

Hidden in the depth of the bay and connected by narrow stone bridges, Vrboska is the smallest town on the beautiful island of Hvar, and also referred to as ‘Little Venice’. Away from the bustling resort on the west of the island, Vrboska, tucked into a cove on north shore of Hvar provides a great base from which to explore some of the quieter bays and coves.

The former fishing village turned popular town is known for its clear air, beautiful crystal blue sea and untouched nature. The typical Mediterranean architecture complements the gothic stone built houses that line the narrow streets, creating the illusion that you are back when Vrboska all began.

Dine off one of the side streets, eat fresh fish together with aromatic spices and drink Hvar’s famous wine.  Ever since the people of ancient Greece settled here in 385/4 BC, they planted the original vines on Vrboska that today make Hvar’s wine and are exported in and around the Mediterranean.