Vela Luka, Korčula

Vela Luka Korčula
42° 57' 44.3376" N, 16° 42' 54.8712" E

A bustling harbour on the west coast of Korčula, there are many coves to explore in this large bay (the name translates as “big harbour”). Surrounded by greenery and olive trees, Vela Luka is set on the western side of Korčula. In the last century, it has emerged from a fishermen’s village to an attractive, cultivated and picturesque small town.

The town itself is made up of lovely Mediterranean style stone town houses, villas and cottages, interspersed with lively squares full of cafes, bars and restaurants. In town, you are immersed in the life of narrow cobbled streets, charming shops, fish markets and always just a few steps away from the sea. Further afield from the town, in the numerous aquamarine bays, sumptuous villas, lovely beaches and tranquillity. One of Vela Luka’s most interesting sights is Vela Spila, also known as Great Cave.