Komiža, Vis

Komiža Vis
43° 2' 40.0344" N, 16° 5' 15.4356" E

Located on the western side of Vis, Komiža is know for its pretty pebble beaches. This beautiful Mediterranean village has narrow back streets lined with 17th and 18th century stone town houses that peacefully surround the harbour. Komiza is the idyllic Mediterranean fishing village you have always imagined. 

You can visit the nearby Bisevo Island and experience its Blue Cave. When the sun’s at its highest between 11am – 1pm, the whole of the underground cave will illuminate with aquamarine light creating a spooky yet wonderfully mesmerising illusion.

Komiža comes alive after dark and if you head east of town is Aquarius, an open-air disco on Kamenica beach. Komiža has some amazing restaurants, especially if you're a lobster-lover!