RYA Online Coastal Yachtmaster Theory

RYA Coastal Yachtmaster online theory courses - internet based interactive RYA theory courses that really work allowing you to work where you like, at your own speed and in your own time.

Price & Pre course requirements

The price for the RYA Coastal Yachtmaster theory course is £285. It is the correct course for both Yachtmaster and Coastal yachtmaster and the pre course requirement is knowledge to Day Skipper level theory. Even with lots of sailing experience it would be difficult to complete this course without any formal theory training.

Assumed knowledge includes CTS, COG, EPs, knowledge of tidal heights, fall of tide, working out projected depths for anchoring, working out clearances under bridges, some basic weather, basic collision regulations etc.

What's Included: Online theory course, RYA pack containing practice charts, the RYA Chart Plotter Simulator, RYA course notes, RYA practice Almanac and RYA  question paper, assessment and certificate. You also have an Island Sailing RYA Yachtmaster Instructor to help you if needed.

The assessment and completion certificate is all included in the price so all you need is a 2b pencil, a rubber and pencil sharpener!

More about the RYA online Coastal Yachtmaster theory course

The RYA Coastal Yachtmaster theory course takes Day Skipper level students to a completely new level bringing an understanding of secondary ports, a greater knowledge of tidal streams, heights etc. Safety, weather, position fixing and much more is covered in greater detail. The courses are full of animated graphics that take you step by step through every lesson. The Coastal/Yachtmaster theory course is the level required for RYA Coastal Yachtmaster, RYA Yachtmaster offshore practical certificates and is a pre course requirement for the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory course.

The course is made up of detailed lessons, most of which are animated for easy learning. Each lesson is followed by a set of questions which you can answer online. Once an answer is submitted the feedback is instant in the form of a detailed answer page. The course provides:

  • Personal tuition during your course from a fully qualified RYA Yachtmaster instructor
  • Online assessment that can be taken in your own home
  • Instant feedback on your submitted answers followed by personal feedback from your RYA instructor
  • Flexibility in being able to access your course anywhere at anytime on any computer
  • Animated lessons and answers that take you step by step through every stage

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