Vassiliki Watersports Festival, Lefkas June and July 2011

Tue, 10/05/2011

Planning a bareboat charter in Greece during June or July? Don’t miss the 2011 Vassiliki Watersports Festival starting on the 26th June. Now in its fourth year the festival is the biggest of its kind in Greece and is packed full of events including Windsurfing, Sailing, Mountain Biking competitions, BMX displays as well as beach parties, live bands, cultural events and the ever popular Miss Bikini competition!

If you are enjoying your bareboat charter in Greece during the festival Vassiliki is definitely worth a visit. Only a few hours sail away from our Island Sailing yacht charter base at Lefkas marina the Ionian village of Vassiliki has long been renowned as a fantastic destination for sailing and windsurfing. Vassiliki is a beautiful spot in the south west of Lefkas, (also known as Lefkada) with a fantastic bay and perfect wind conditions most afternoons.

The Festival is a great opportunity to experience the charm and hospitality of Vassiliki village and Lefkas island and to appreciate the stunning natural beauty of the area. If you plan to have your bareboat charter in Greece in June or July during the festival you can plan your days around which events you want to see. Everyone is welcome to the events which are all free of charge.

During your bareboat yacht charter some of the amazing events include windsurf tricks in the EFPTA European Freestyle Windsurfing Championship, the Greek National Catamaran Cup, Catamaran GPS Speed competition, Windsurf Speed competition, Windsurf Slalom race, Mountain Bike race and a yacht race around one of the nearby islands of Arkoudi. You can also make the most of free windsurfing and sailing lessons, a lecture and slideshow by Greek Olympic sailors in Quindao and of course the wonderful hospitality of the local people of Vassiliki and Lefkas.

Off the water you can also enjoy a 9 piece band kicking off the opening night at Club Vass, the Wildwind AllStars backing up the Miss Bikini competition on the main stage on Saturday 12th plus beach parties, cultural events …everything you could ask for at a Festival and much more!

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