Lefkas Yacht Charter May & June

Fri, 08/04/2011

With 3 weeks to the start of the Ionian sailing season warm, sunny weather and peaceful bays and harbours await those looking to escape on a Greek island yacht charter in May and June. Temperatures in Lefkas are already in the early 70°s with clear blue skies, sunshine and pleasant winds.

Warm, sunny Ionian weather

During May and June the temperature in the Ionian Islands is similar to one of those beautiful bright English summer's days. The water is lovely and warm to swim and snorkel in and although the sun is not too intense you can still go home with a nice holiday suntan! The Ionian islands are blest with a lot more rainfall than the Aegean during the winter which ensures the hills across the whole region remain lush and green all summer long.

Peace and tranquility on your Greek Island sailing vacation

With only one school holiday during May and June the Ionian sailing area is generally quieter and easier to get a place on the quays! The local Greek people will extend the warmest welcome to their new visitors of the year and from the end of April all the tavernas, shops and cafes are open for business and the atmosphere is relaxed and peaceful, although you can find great Greek tavernas with fantastic music, wonderful Ouzo and Greek dancing if you want to!

Great Ionian sailing conditions 

For many the months of May and June are the best times to experience some great sailing conditions around the Ionian islands of Greece. A Lefkas yacht charter during early summertime offers peaceful mornings with consistent winds that are usually just the right strength for a pleasant afternoon sail. During May and June Ionian winds can reach Force 5 or 6 – great for the more adventurous sailors looking to put the yacht through its paces. For those looking for slightly less energetic sailing the localised conditions means you can always find the calmer winds as well as plenty of places to relax in one of the many ports or safe anchorages.

For those who choose a Lefkas yacht charter and go bareboat Island Sailing provide weather updates every morning via SMS whilst our flotilla sailing holidays provide daily weather updates from the lead skipper and crew.

Dolphins, turtles and fireflies

The Ionian waters are clean and clear with countless beautiful shoals of fish swimming around your keel. If you're lucky you can spot the dolphins who love to sail alongside your yacht, you may also sight a turtle gracefully powering its way through the clear waters. For those who choose an Ionian yacht charter in May you should also get the chance to experience the sparkling clouds of fireflies, dancing over the sea during the peaceful evenings.