Nava Pre-charter Information Marina Frapa – Rogoznica

Pre-charter Information & FAQ's Marina Frapa, Rogoznica

Please complete the crew list as soon as possible. If you have booked a crewed charter and have been sent a preference sheet please complete and return this as soon as possible (within 7 days of your charter start date).

If you have booked a skippered or bareboat charter and want to use the pre-charter provisioning/shopping service please complete your order as soon as you can, ideally within 5-7 days of your charter start date.

We hope you have a wonderful time exploring the beautiful Islands and Coastline of Croatia - Happy Sailing!


If you need any help or information when arranging your travel to Marina Frapa Rogoznica we will be glad to help. If you would like transfers to be arranged please complete the transfer information on the crew list form which will allow your transfers to be organised.

Request a transfer by checking the box on the Crew List/Transfer Form & completing your flight information

When you depart the airport terminal there will be a driver waiting holding a card bearing your name who will drive you directly to the marina where the Nautika Centar Nava base team will be waiting to greet you. The transfer takes around 35 minutes.

Your transfers will automatically be arranged if you have correctly completed your flight information on the Crew List/Transfer form.


  • For bareboat charters, upon arrival just the Skipper and First Mate should make their way to the Nautika Centar Nava office (please see map below). We recommend other crew members can sit and enjoy a cool drink at the Cafe nearby. 
  • For skippered or crewed charters if the lead charterer can make your way to the Nautika Centar Nava office and the office staff can let your crew know you have arrived and they will come and meet you.

If you will be arriving at the marina after 20.00 please inform us in advance so we can make arrangements with you for boarding your yacht.

If we are not arranging your transfers please let Island Sailing know the approximate time of your arrival to the marina. If you are going to be significantly earlier or later than expected please call us (see contact information below).



Nautika Centar Nava (Nava)

Uvala Soline 1, Marina Frapa, 22 203 Rogoznica, Croatia

GPS: 43° 31.8’’ N  15° 57.8’’ E
Nava Charter Manager: Andrijana Tel: +385 (0)21 407702
Island Sailing Support Team Tel: (0044) 7535 301444 

Island Sailing UK Head Office Tel: (0044) 20 7139 8644

If you need any help, information or advice that cannot be provided by the base team please contact the Island Sailing Support Team




Travel light & don’t forget your passport(s)/ID.

Unless you have booked a skipper you must remember to bring the original copy(s) of your sailing qualifications/skipper's licence and VHF radio licence.

You must bring a mobile phone set up for roaming in Croatia and charger – it is very important that we can keep in contact in case of emergency as VHF signal is only line of sight.

Please bring your luggage in a soft bag that will fold down without wheels or hard edges. Space on a yacht is limited and cases with hard edges and wheels will often damage the woodwork on the boat. Unfortunately there isn't a luggage store at the marina.

All yachts are equipped with sufficient numbers of life jackets, usually of a standard size. If you are not a standard size, or especially for small children it is wise to bring your own life jackets . If you would like to check about this before you come to Croatia please get in touch.

You will need to bring a VISA or MASTERCARD credit card for your yacht security deposit (debit cards and AMEX are not accepted). Please make sure you have a large enough limit to cover the deposit for the yacht you have booked. Your charter can't commence without the completed credit card security deposit.