What is the wind like?

The Greek Ionian islands including Lefkas, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Corfu and Paxos are renowned for perfect sailing conditions.  Whilst these Greek islands offer yacht charter holiday makers some of the safest and most calm waters anywhere in the world there is still  plenty of wind to have some really fun sailing.  On a usual day's yachting holiday around the Ionian typically winds build around midday onwards, ideal for afternoon sailing and drop again at sunset. This means you can spend the morning sailing gently to a lunch time stop in a secluded bay and go for a swim or snorkel, have lunch on board and then enjoy a great sail to your evening destination on one of the beautiful and unique Ionian islands!

The winds are fairly consistent throughout the north and south Ionian sailing areas and usually result in a very calm evening, at night the winds usually die right down leaving the water looking like a mill pond. This means that you can anchor off in confidence if you choose or have a comfortable night on a quay.

The winds in the Ionian Islands of Greece are ideal for fun and relaxed sailing holidays and perfect for sailors of all abilities as they are  not as strong as in other areas of the Greek Islands, mainly as it is not affected by the Meltemi winds which can blow for 5 or 6 days at a time at strengths up to Force 7/Force 8.

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