Flotilla Sailing Experience & Qualifications

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Joining an Ionian flotilla offers you the chance to sail your own yacht with the back-up of an experienced and knowledgeable lead boat and skipper.

As you sail your own yacht having at least one member of crew (the skipper) with some previous sailing experience is important although he or she will have the support of the flotilla lead crew and security of being within a group.

Whilst you are part of a flotilla group you will still be the skipper of your own yacht and so the skipper should have the same qualifications or certificate as with a bareboat charter such as RYA Day Skipper or above or the International Certificate of Competence (ICC). The skipper should be assisted by at least one competent crew (or first mate!).

If you have previous sailing experience but no qualifications or sailing certificate there are plenty of options:

  • Attend a one or two day ICC assessment before you come to Greece with an RYA sailing school or RYA affiliated sailing club.
  • Come to the Ionian and complete an ICC assessment in Greece during the first days of your flotilla holiday.
  • Come to the Ionian and take an RYA Day Skipper course in Greece for one week as part of a flotilla or take the course and then enjoy a second week flotilla as well.
  • Take the RYA Day Skipper course with an RYA school before you come to Greece.

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